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What Is A CNG Conversion Kit?
Feb 11, 2017

A CNG conversion kit alters a vehicle with a conventional gasoline or diesel internal combustion engine to run on compressed natural gas — a less expensive and more environmentally clean alternative to traditional gasoline and diesel. Vehicles may be modified to run manually; exclusively on CNG (dedicated CNG vehicles); or they may automatically switch back and forth between CNG and gasoline or diesel (bi-fuel vehicles). Bi-fuel vehicles incorporate two separate fuel tanks — one for gasoline or diesel fuel and another for CNG — and their engines may utilize either of these fuel types at one time.


CNG conversion kits are available for almost any existing car sold in the United States. The kits are available online and at retail stores. While it is claimed that the conversion process is complicated, consumers who are mechanically adept may choose to install the kit themselves. Others opt to have a professional install them.


Many of CNG conversion kits, however, are not certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Moreover, in the US and California, the EPA and CARB mandate the purchase of only EPA- or CARB- certified CNG conversion systems. They also require that CNG conversion kits be installed by properly trained installers, known as qualified system retrofitters (QSRs).