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Upward Trend In Demand For Automotive Filter
Nov 02, 2016

Latest statistics of the China Automotive Industry Association, 2010 years ago in November, total vehicle sales of 16.3954 million vehicles, an increase of 34.05%, auto production and sales this year are expected to reach 18 million units, an increase of 32%. Rapid development of China's automobile industry, boosting the demand for automotive parts, filter industry is one example.

Two fierce market competition, automotive filters

Great filter market is attracting attention from a number of manufacturers, domestic and foreign companies have joined the current filter an increasingly competitive industry. Current domestic production of existing filters more than 1000 enterprises, due to the auto filter products and structural diversity, suitable for mass production of high degree of automation can also be used with manual operation consisting mainly of small-batch artisanal production, so most manufacturers small, medium and large enterprises have more than 30 companies, no monopoly in the very large enterprises.

Filter market competition the main after-market performance, mainly because of the following two points: first, filter belongs to the wearing parts on a car and need to be replaced periodically, so aftermarket sales is very large, which led directly to the battle for aftermarket filters far fewer companies than the market. Secondly, my auto filter industry manufacturers of many, and the scale is smaller, mostly incomplete production conditions, the detection means backward, smaller cottage style of automotive filter company, which basically does not meet the matching requirement, therefore they have to vie for the aftermarket. The fierce competition of the enterprise, which filters aftermarket brand concentration is low, top 5 filter company's market share was only 15%. While in the market, the top 5 Filter enterprise's market share has reached 40%.