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The Toggle Switch Acts As An Isolated Power Supply
Jul 28, 2017

The Toggle Switch Acts As An Isolated Power Supply

The toggle switch is a switch that controls the rotation of the main contact with a rotary handle. There are two kinds of structure of the switch, which are single-pole unit structure and multi-pole multi-bit structure. Change Over Switch Unipolar unit switch is often used in conjunction with the rotary potentiometer in the application, and multi-pole multi-bit switch is used to switch the working state line. Change Over Switch The toggle switch can be used to replace the rotary pulse generator of the traditional resistive potentiometer simulation function. These switches are usually used in the front panel of the instrument and the man-machine interface of the audio and video control board.

Switch is a multi-file, multi-loop control of the main order electrical appliances. Toggle switch is mainly used for a variety of control circuit conversion, voltmeter, Change Over Switch ammeter commutation measurement control, power distribution line conversion and remote control. The toggle switch can also be used to directly control the start, speed and commutation of small capacity motors. Commonly used products are LW5 and LW6 series. LW5 series can control 5.5kW and below the small-capacity motor; LW6 series can only control 2.2kW and below the small-capacity motor. Change Over Switch For reversible operation control, reverse start is permitted only after the motor has stopped. LW5 series switch according to the handle of the operation can be divided into self-resetting and self-positioning two. Change Over Switch The so-called self-recovery refers to the hand when the handle in a gear, the hand is released, the handle automatically return to the original position; positioning means that the handle is placed in a stall, can not automatically return to the original position and stop The stall.

Transfer switch, also known as the combination of switch, and the knife switch operation is different, it is left and right rotation of the plane operation. The switch has the advantages of multi-contact, multi-position, small size, reliable performance, Change Over Switch convenient operation and flexible installation. It is used as the introduction switch of the power supply in the electrical control circuit of the machine, Change Over Switch and plays the role of isolating power supply. It can also be used as direct control The motor does not start and stop the control switch. The diverter switch also has unipolar, bipolar and tri-polar.

Switch switch structure

Structural features: common band switch and universal meter shift switch are switch, its structure has two: one is BBM (BreakBeforeMake) contact type, which is characterized in the displacement of the contact before the first contact Contact and then connected after the contact, Change Over Switch during which there is a contact with the front and rear contacts are the state: the other is MBB (MakeBeforeBreak) contact type, which is characterized in the transposition when the contact has a contact with the front and back contacts in the state. Change Over Switch And then disconnect the front contact, and keep contact with the rear contact state. In the circuit design should be based on circuit use and circuit safety to select the appropriate switch.

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