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The Pressure Gauge Is Stable
Jun 15, 2017

Pressure gauge is a commonly used measuring instrument, because of ease of operation, stable performance, degree of intuitive, etc., are widely used in industrial, power, electronics, machinery and other fields. Xiaobian today to introduce the specific application of pressure gauges and functional characteristics, Pressure Guage hoping to help users better application of products.

Application of pressure gauge

Pressure gauge is one of the earliest developed and produced digital pressure gauge, the product from the first generation in 1990 has been developed to the present sixth generation, product performance continues to improve, the variety is also increased by a single barometer to the hydraulic table , Active table, vacuum table, Pressure Guage the company in the development and manufacture of pressure gauge has accumulated a lot of successful experience.

The instrument fully adopted the customer in the actual operation of the accumulated experience of the proposal, and reasonable and flexible use of microcomputer, integrated, laser technology to ensure the accuracy of the instrument and long-term stability. Can be used for measuring room or on-site inspection, calibration pressure transmitter, spring tube type (precision) pressure gauge, pressure controller, etc. 0.05 grade pressure transmitter equipment, Pressure Guage is the ideal choice for customers the ideal pressure standard equipment.

The functional characteristics of the pressure gauge

Pressure gauge for the AC and DC portable instrument, while measuring the pressure, can measure the current, while the LCD display, and with 24VDC output. Plus the front panel installed on the pressure hand pump, Pressure Guage making it an ideal field calibration instrument.

High-performance microprocessors on the instrument zero and linear correction, to ensure that the instrument within a long time zero and accuracy with good repeatability and stability, high accuracy measurement.

Using high-performance CPU and temperature sensor on the instrument temperature drift automatic compensation to ensure the accuracy of the use of a wide temperature range.

Low power consumption. When the battery is full, it ensures that the continuous working time is accurate.

Constant current charging, with battery voltage overcharge, under voltage automatic shutdown and automatic protection, to ensure that the battery is not due to overcharge or undervoltage damage, long battery life.

Micro-power undervoltage protection function to ensure that even if the operator for some reason and continuous boot is too long will not damage the battery due to undervoltage.

Instrument range function is rich, a table with a variety of display style, which can display the pressure current, pressure water column or pressure kgf / cm2 current percentage.

A meter with over-range alarm function, when the pressure exceeds the rated full scale +2500 words, the instrument will display OVER RANGE! P and built-in buzzer will be intermittent sound to indicate that the pressure current exceeds the full scale, should stop the pressure, And remove part of the pressure to make it within the specified range, Pressure Guage so as not to damage the pressure sensor.

B The instrument will display OVER RANGE! I and the built-in buzzer will be intermittent to indicate the measured current overrange when the measured current exceeds 22 mA.