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Switching Switches Are Widely Used In High-rise Buildings
Jun 30, 2017

The switch is the switch that automatically switches to another power supply for some power failure. General switch is widely used in high-rise buildings, residential, hospitals, airports, docks, fire, metallurgy, chemicals, textiles and other places not allowed to power outages.

working principle

STS (Static Transfer Switch), static switch, also known as static transfer switch. For the power of the second choice of an automatic switching system, the first road after the failure of STS automatically switch to the second road to the load power supply (the premise of the second road is normal and the first road basic synchronization), the second road failure STS automatically switch To the first road to the load power supply (the premise of the first road is normal and the second road basically synchronized). Suitable for UPS-UPS, UPS-generator, UPS-mains, Change Over Switch electricity - electricity and other two power supply uninterruptible power conversion, all of the above power supply need to synchronize the device to ensure that the two power supply basic synchronization, Change Over Switch otherwise STS can not Switch.

STS static switch

Mainly by the intelligent control panel, high-speed SCR, circuit breaker composition of the standard switching time ≤ 8ms, will not cause IT class load power. Both reliable load on the load, Change Over Switch while ensuring that STS in different phase switching security.

ATS automatic transfer switch

ATS is mainly used in emergency power supply system, the load circuit from a power supply automatically switched to another (standby) power switchgear to ensure that the important load continuous and reliable operation. ATS for the mechanical structure, Change Over Switch conversion time of 100 milliseconds or more, will cause the load power. Suitable for lighting, motor load.

One of the load switch derived automatic transfer switch using double row composite contact, transmission mechanism, micro-motor pre-energy storage, and microelectronic control technology, the basic realization of the zero-arc. The motor is a chloroprene rubber insulated damp heat motor with a safety device that automatically trips when the temperature exceeds 110 ° C and overcurrent. To be automatically after the failure to work, to a large extent to ensure the life of the switch.

Switch to complete the three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire dual power supply automatically switch.

The switching switch controller detects both voltages at the same time, rated over 110% (adjustable) of the supply voltage as an overvoltage, less than 80% of the rated value (adjustable) , Change Over Switch The microcomputer control circuit carries on the logical judgment to the above detection result, the processing result sends the opening or closing instruction to the voltage operation mechanism through the delay (adjustable) circuit to drive the corresponding instruction, the detection result may be displayed on the intelligent automatic controller panel LCD Screen, such as standby power failure, alarm alarm, to remind the user to repair the backup power for the user to find the reasons for the user in the shortest possible time to repair the fault line, so that the dual power supply to maintain normal power supply.