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Switching Switch Has Automation System
Jul 12, 2017

Switch switch is set switch and logic control in one, truly realize electromechanical integration of automatic conversion switch, it enables the exchange of 50HZ, rated voltage to 440v, the contract heating current to 1600A power distribution equipment, with voltage detection, communication interface, electrical machinery interlock and other functions, can achieve automatic, remote control, forced to set "0", emergency manual operation, widely used in power supply system and standby power supply automatic conversion or two load equipment automatic conversion and security isolation. Switch by the control circuit board issued a variety of logic commands to manage the motor, driven by the motor to drive the main part of the operating mechanism, fast access to the segment circuit or circuit conversion, Change Over Switch through the visible state to achieve security isolation.

Switch switch use:

Products are widely used in fire fighting, hospitals, banks, high-rise buildings and other important power supply places are not allowed to power transmission, Change Over Switch distribution systems and automation systems.

Toggle Switch Structure Description:

• Electrical key Lock: Control switch Internal control line power supply, when the electric lock is turned on, the switch can realize automatic, the control, the strong "0" Operation: When the electric lock closes, the switch can only be operated manually.

• Operation handle: The electric lock must be closed first when manually operated with the operation handle.

• Institutional padlock: maintenance-specific, that is, first with the operation of the handle to make the switch in the "0" block position, and then the padlock mechanism and on the padlock, Change Over Switch can be repaired (the padlock is cut off the switch internal control power)

• Indicator: Indicates the position of the switch's working status (I, 0, ii).

Automatic conversion switch (A. T. s), is set switch and logic control in one, without the addition of the controller really realize the electromechanical integration of automatic switching switch, with voltage detection, frequency detection, electrical, mechanical interlock and other functions, can achieve automatic, electric remote, Change Over Switch emergency manual control.

Operation is realized by logic Control Board with various logic commands to manage the operation of motor and gearbox. Motor Electric switch Spring energy storage, instantaneous release of the acceleration mechanism, fast access to separate circuit breakers or circuits conversion, through the visible state to achieve safe isolation, greatly improving the performance and mechanical properties of electrical appliances.

The overall design of the DHMQ1 switch is a metal shell, small and sturdy. The DHMQ1 switch, the control part is the metal shell, the switch housing part uses the glass fiber unsaturated polyester resin manufacture, has the strong dielectric performance, the protection ability and the reliable operation security.

The switch is suitable for automatic conversion between main power supply and standby power supply, automatic conversion of two load devices and safety isolation.

Switch modeling Beautiful, novel, concise, small size, full-featured, Change Over Switch is the ideal choice for different occasions.