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Switch Switch Is Also Called Combination Switch
Sep 09, 2017

Switching switch is a kind of switch apparatus which can be used for power supply or load conversion of two or more roads.

Switch switch is also called the combination switch, it is not the same as other switches, it is mainly around the rotation of the plane operation. It is also a two-way or two-way power supply or load conversion of the switch, mainly by the combination of multiple contacts, Change Over Switch generally with multiple positions, small size, reliable performance, easy to operate, flexible installation and other advantages.

The contact system of the switching switch is composed of a number of movable contacts in the static contact head seat and movable bracket embedded in the insulating shell. Change Over Switch The contact head is a two-breakpoint butt-type bridge, on the hinge with the handle, and the circuit is connected or disconnected with the rotating shaft to different positions. The positioning mechanism adopts the wheel ratchet structure, and the different limit parts are configured to obtain the switch of different gear.

Switching switch can be used as circuit control switch, test equipment switch, motor control switch and main control switch, and switch switch of welding machine. Its application is very extensive, generally is mainly used in all kinds of household appliances switch, such as: electric fans, Change Over Switch microwave ovens and other commonly used electrical equipment.

Switching switch is a kind of multiple-shift, control multiple-loop main-order apparatus. The rotary switch is mainly used for the conversion of various control lines, the commutation measurement control of voltmeter, Ammeter, the switch of distribution line and remote control. Rotary switches can also be used to directly control the start, speed and commutation of small-capacity motors. Schematic diagram of the single layer of the rotary switch. Commonly used products have LW5 and LW6 series. LW5 series can control 5.5kW and below the small capacity motor; The LW6 series can only control small capacity motors with 2.2kW and below. Change Over Switch For reversible operation control, the reverse start is only allowed when the motor is parked. The LW5 series rotary switch can be divided into two kinds: self duplex and self positioning type according to the operation mode of the handle. The so-called self-duplex refers to the hand when the handle to a certain stall, when the hand is released, Change Over Switch the handle automatically return to the original position; The positioning type is that when the handle is placed in a stall, it cannot automatically return to its original position and stop at the stall.

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