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Simulator Is Mostly Used For Video Games
Jun 01, 2017

Computer simulation (sim) is the use of computer simulation method. The use of computer software developed by the simulator, you can fault tree analysis, testing VLSI logic design and other complex simulation tasks. Emulator In the field of optimization, simulation of physical processes is often used in conjunction with evolutionary computation to optimize control strategies. There is a special type in the computer simulator: a computer architecture simulator that simulates a computer that is not compatible or different from one computer on one computer.

(Of different systems) machine A or machine B does not take into account the limitations of hardware and speed, in theory, can be used to achieve mutual imitation (ie Turing machine). Emulator However, in reality, speed and hardware must be considered.

Simulators are mostly used for video games and arcades, and some are used for handheld computers. Simulators generally need ROM to perform, the original source of ROM is the original platform of the ROM chip, Emulator through some means to copy the original program (this process is generally called "dump") and then use the simulator to load the ROM to achieve the simulation process The

The history of the simulator is very long with the history of computer development, and the appearance of many simulators is actually to save the original game (program) many years ago, Emulator but run on different devices.

The simulator contains a number of components: a CPU simulator that simulates many of the original machines; a simulator that maps many arcade input devices, such as buttons, joysticks and other controls, Emulator to the keyboard, joystick and other devices on the PC, and An arcade display and sound simulator.