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Sensor Is Broken: What Will Lead To Failure Phenomenon?
Jan 19, 2017

1, inlet pressure temperature sensor damage:

The ON file, the engine fault light; the in situ corrosion accelerator to take a small amount of black smoke, speeding up take a lot of smoke; the engine is boring; the fault code: P01D6 (air pressure sensor voltage is lower than the lower limit) analysis: intake pressure signal is abnormal, ECU cannot receive intake information correctly. The injection quantity will lead to abnormal combustion is not sufficient, the engine was not strong, the black smoke in the refueling process. Wiring harness and sensor failure will cause the fault. Solution: check the intake pressure temperature sensor.

2, temperature sensor wiring harness phenomenon:

After the start, OBD fault light; the engine torque limiting, boring; the consumption of urea; the fault code: P027B (SCR catalytic converter upstream temperature sensor signal voltage high fault). Cause analysis: exhaust temperature sensor harness was wear off, ECU cannot obtain the SCR catalytic converter upstream of the exhaust gas temperature, resulting in urea pump without pressure, no consumption of urea, resulting in emissions exceed the standard, the engine torque limiting alarm system. Solution: repair wiring harness, and bandage.