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Relays And Switches Are Reliable
Aug 04, 2017

Toggle switch, also known as combination switch, and the knife switch operation is different, it is left and right rotation of the plane operation. The switch has the advantages of multi-contact, multi-position, small size, reliable performance, easy operation and flexible installation. It is used for the introduction of the power supply in the electrical control circuit of the machine and plays the role of isolating the power supply. It can also be used as a direct control The motor does not start and stop the control switch. Change Over Switch The switch also has unipolar, bipolar and tri-polar.

The toggle switch is a switch that controls the rotation of the main contact with a rotary handle. There are two kinds of structure of the switch, which are single-pole unit structure and multi-pole multi-bit structure. Unipolar unit switch is often used in conjunction with the rotary potentiometer in the application, Change Over Switch and multi-pole multi-bit switch is used to switch the working state line. The toggle switch can be used to replace the rotary pulse generator of the traditional resistive potentiometer simulation function. These switches are usually used in the front panel of the instrument and the man-machine interface of the audio and video control board.

Switch is a multi-file, multi-loop control of the main order electrical appliances. Toggle switch is mainly used for a variety of control circuit conversion, Change Over Switch voltmeter, ammeter commutation measurement control, power distribution line conversion and remote control. The toggle switch can also be used to directly control the start, speed and commutation of small capacity motors. Switch structure of the single layer structure diagram. Commonly used products are LW5 and LW6 series. LW5 series can control 5.5kW and below the small-capacity motor; LW6 series can only control 2.2kW and below the small-capacity motor. For reversible operation control, Change Over Switch reverse start is permitted only after the motor has stopped. LW5 series switch according to the handle of the operation can be divided into self-resetting and self-positioning two. The so-called self-recovery refers to the hand when the handle in a gear, the hand is released, the handle automatically return to the original position; positioning means that the handle is placed in a stall, can not automatically return to the original position and stop The stall.

No matter what kind of transfer switch, it has its advantages, the switch is also the case. Do you know what the switch is doing? Because the switch in the circuit more than the terminal, Change Over Switch so as to facilitate the control circuit circuit, play a conversion, control the role, commonly used to control the home ammeter, voltmeter, and configure the line conversion, remote control, etc. In addition , The switch also has a role is to control the motor speed, starting and commutation.

According to the different switch models, the operation and working principle, the way is also very different, the current switch has LW6, LW5 series, LW5 series of switches in accordance with the handle is divided into: self-positioning and Self-resetting two, the so-called self-complex, it is the handle to a certain direction stalls, hand loosened, the handle has to return to the original position; self-positioning is a handle to a position, can not be automatically restored , But set in this position. The LW6 series of switches, suitable for 2.2KW in the circuit, you can reverse the operation.

Although the switch is a versatile conversion, the control process, Change Over Switch but it also has its own power, as well as the scope of application. The main application of the switch is the rated voltage of 380V, the exchange value of 50Hz, DC voltage of 220V or less, in the rated current 160A, which is the scope of the switch. Because the switch is connected to the wiring of the line more, so the direction of control is also more, basically, install a switch, you can get home voltage, current conversion, no need to configure other switches.

The switch circuit is more complicated, but its internal combination of the structure is relatively simple, most of them by the operating mechanism, electric shock, shaft, handle, fixed-point devices and contact systems and other parts, thus contributing to a loop control circuit. The switch is small, Change Over Switch does not take up too much space, are generally implemented concealed, but its more features, universal conversion, better insulation, flexible conversion, compact structure, safe and reliable, and these are The main technical features of the switch, because the current switch, the model is more, and the application of the switch, Change Over Switch there are different current and voltage. Non-operating personnel are generally not allowed to touch the switch.

Such a highly intelligent product, although the scope of application is relatively wide, control, excellent conversion, but the switch is also the device by the stress. That is, we say the conditions of the device, this should generally take into account the surrounding environment, not more than 40 degrees Celsius, the average daily temperature shall not exceed 35 degrees Celsius, the minimum ambient temperature shall not be less than -5 degrees Celsius, which is the requirements of the environment ; The second is in the device, the surrounding air contact with the material, will not burn, no danger, so as to ensure that the switch in the process of the safety of the device and the use of security.

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