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Lpg Filter Stains Strong
Jul 25, 2017

Lpg filter is used to filter the impurities in the liquid in the pipeline, usually installed in the inlet of the flow meter to ensure the normal operation of the instrument, CNG/LPG Fuel Filter its main components are integral valve body and stainless steel filter, can be used for a variety of liquid pipe In the road. The use of quick release structure, making the replacement, cleaning the filter more convenient.

The filter is used directly into the pipe. In the production process, the fluid will flow through the pipe through the U-shaped lpg filter, CNG/LPG Fuel Filter the liquid first through the barrel and then into the filter basket, the fluid from the gap in the filter basket out until the lpg filter outlet is discharged, the fluid Of the solid impurities particles blocked by the filter basket, and the separation of the fluid to complete the filter. After a period of time, solid impurities in the filter basket in the accumulation, CNG/LPG Fuel Filter then as long as the bottom of the head of the screw plug, the barrel of the liquid net, remove the flange, CNG/LPG Fuel Filter clean the basket and then reload, you can complete the cleaning of impurities The.


1, lpg filter for the whole body design, replaceable filter parts.

2, U-type pressure loss is small, large circulation area, strong stain resistance. Easy to discharge.

3, high precision filter, according to customer needs to configure the filter fineness.

4, the working principle is simple, CNG/LPG Fuel Filter the structure is not complicated, easy to install, disassemble and maintenance.

5, equipment, wearing less, no supplies, operation and maintenance costs low, simple operation and management.

6, stable production process, CNG/LPG Fuel Filter protection of instruments and machinery and equipment, maintenance of production safety and stability.

Lpg filter operation steps

① before the first smoke in the filter before the valve, close the small flow, the sewage

② turn the steering valve to the direction of the steering, the water from the front of the steering valve into the outside of the filter through, and then from the outside into the steering valve, the debris all concentrated to the sewage outfall, and then open the sewage valve The sewage, CNG/LPG Fuel Filter played the best automatic backwash filter all the features.