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Intelligent Passive Sensor Function Module
Jan 19, 2017

Smart passive sensor includes three functional modules: antenna module,based on the Magnus IC sensor module,power supply,microcontroller,processing module,shown in Figure 1.The antenna module communicates wirelessly based on the UHF Industry Standard Version 2 protocol and collects energy for use by the internal processing unit.Power supply,microcontroller,processing module compatible with RFID ecosystem components,can be used to read the standard RFID reader and so on.Based on the Magus IC,the first passive sensor module in the industry,the adjustable front-end autotuning module detects environmental conditions,such as humidity or pressure,with an internal circuit that senses impedance changes.Each smart sensor has an independent temperature Sensors to read the temperature information, the chip through the wireless signal strength to detect the distance/movement/state,each intelligent sensor to store a unique internal ID for identity identification.The final detection accuracy depends on the oversampling frequency in the UHF RFID operating frequency range.