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How The Switch Works
Aug 16, 2017

Occasional power outage is something we can not avoid, but some important places are not allowed to power outage, then switch to play a crucial role. We may not know how to switch, do not know how it is applied. Come here today to see how the switch works.

Switch, can be divided into STS static switch and ATS automatic transfer switch. General hospitals, airports, railway stations, fire and other places, will install the switch. When a power outage occurs, Change Over Switch the switch will automatically switch to another power supply to ensure that the power is not interrupted.

STS static switch is controlled by the control panel only, it can achieve two power automatically switch, when the first road power failure, STS static switch, it will automatically switch to the second power supply. We use the STS static switch, pay attention to switch back and forth between the two power supply, Change Over Switch you need to install the synchronization device to ensure that the two power supply is synchronized, or can not switch back and forth.

ATS automatic transfer switch for emergency power supply, ATS test load from a power switch to standby power supply, in order to ensure that the load to work. ATS is the mechanical structure, use it, Change Over Switch the two power to switch the visual to more than 100 milliseconds, otherwise the load will be power. ATS automatic transfer switch for lighting and electrical equipment such as the replacement.

For the switch, we already have a certain understanding, then take a look at the size of the switch is how the size of it Switch switch WHKQ8-100H series of rated current 25A / 32A / 40A / 50A and so on. This series of rated current is relatively small, Change Over Switch suitable for relatively small load circuit. WHKQ8-225H series of rated current 125A / 140A / 160A / 180A and so on. It can be applied in the relatively large load circuit.

Know the size of the switch size, and finally look at the use of the switch when the time, what precautions bars First, switch the protective grounding device must be safe and reliable, to ensure the use of safety. When the power failure for the first time to cut off the power supply circuit breaker, Change Over Switch then switch to the end of the power supply to the end, then enable the standby power supply. In the purchase of the switch, there are a lot of problems need to pay attention to, now the regular production of the switch manufacturers have 3C certification, we must buy when the shopping guide to produce this certificate to ensure the reliability of the switch.