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High Pressure Steel Pipe
Nov 02, 2016

High pressure steel pipe is used in the manufacture of pressure vessels and piping quality carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel seamless steel tubes.

High pressure piping installation with medium and low pressure piping installation requirements are largely similar, but more demanding, more strictly, therefore, apart from the need to meet the medium and low pressure piping installation requirements, should be implemented according to the following requirements.

Used to install a high-pressure pipe, pipe fittings, fasteners and the valve must be qualified, and accompanied by the corresponding technical documents delivered to the site should be properly kept, clearly marked, placed in order. Before installation, the inner and outer surface should be wiped clean, and also check the channel there is any foreign body, is smooth. Check the nozzle sealing surface and the roughness of the gasket if you want, in the sealing surface of the scratches shall not affect seal performance (especially radial scratches), spot defects exist, in addition to skim the pipes, nozzle seal and gasket coated with oil or butter or white petroleum jelly to protect. Inspected and pressure vessel tube ends threaded parts, in addition to skim the pipe, should be coated with graphite or molybdenum disulfide grease oil blending agent protection.

Pipe installation, you should use the official pipe fixed, pipe rack in contact with high pressure pipes, pipe fittings, design should be required to install protective sleeve. Install high pressure flange out of thread chamfer tube end. When you install the gasket, do not use the hanging wire, advance on the mouthpiece pads coated with butter, soft metal high-pressure gaskets should be accurately placed in sealed from within. Tighten flange bolts evenly, no excessive, after screwing, two parallel flanges should be concentric, dew out of the nut thread should be for 2~3 buttons, at least not less than 2 Buckles, and basically the same so the exposed length of the bolt. During the installation process, no strong strong strong pull, push, twist or change gasket thickness and other ways to compensate for manufacturing or installation errors. Continuous and complete piping installation work as impossible should be promptly closed the open nozzle. Instrument sampling parts parts on the pipe and pipe installed at the same time.