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High Pressure Pipe With Acid Corrosion Resistance
Aug 16, 2017

High-pressure pipe is made of special soft PVC, synthetic rubber and polyester fiber precision woven from. With high pressure, anti-stretch, Naisuan Jian, corrosion-resistant, beautiful appearance, soft and lightweight, durable and so on. High pressure pipe of these characteristics, so that it can be used in many industries. High-pressure pipe is widely used in a variety of pneumatic tools for civil engineering, factories, High Pressure Tube mining machinery and equipment to transport a variety of gas and high pressure pipes, and can be used with air equipment, efficient, energy saving, environmental protection. Products for high pressure cleaner, high pressure oil system, agricultural medicinal machinery, garden vegetable spray machinery, high pressure sprayer, high pressure pipe cleaner, High Pressure Tube high pressure AIR construction equipment, shipyard, steel company, welding and cutting equipment, High Pressure Tube medical suspension supporting the use of The

High-pressure pipe mainly by the lining layer, reinforced layer, the outer layer and other components.

Lining: Polyurethane or nylon, can withstand -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ / -40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃. Polyurethane is the isocyanate (monomer) and hydroxyl compounds from polymerization. High-pressure pipe lining layer with a strong polarity of the carbamate, insoluble in non-polar groups, with good oil resistance, toughness, abrasion resistance, High Pressure Tube aging resistance and adhesion. Materials with a wide temperature range (-50 to 150 ° C) can be prepared from different materials, including elastomers, thermoplastic resins and thermosetting resins. High temperature is not resistant to hydrolysis, not alkaline media.

High-pressure pipe reinforcement layer: the general use of high-tensile special fiber or made of steel.

High tensile special fiber is a kind of textile fabrics, High Pressure Tube because of its tensile strength and toughness is better, it is often called "tensile fiber"

Tensile fibers are lightweight, high tensile strength, high elasticity, anti-acid and alkali corrosion, high durability, high-pressure pipe with tensile fiber can be used in any harsh environment, with the use of structural adhesives, can prevent harmful media Infiltration, the protection of the internal structure of the soft effect.

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