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High Pollution Resistance Of LPG Filter
Sep 27, 2017

LPG filter can remove impurities in the liquid, foreign bodies, to ensure the normal operation of the flow meter, extend the service life of the flow meter, is the petroleum, CNG/LPG Fuel Filter chemical industry use flow meter when the necessary device.

When the fluid into the filter, the first flow through the filter within the filter network, and then filtered through the filter network of media from the filter outlet into the pipeline, CNG/LPG Fuel Filter and then into the metering instrument to measure, and the fluid in the filter of impurities in the net precipitation or blocked can not flow out.

The LPG filter is suitable for liquid material filtration in various industrial production departments, the main oil and chemical production of weak corrosive materials, such as: water, ammonia, oil and hydrocarbons, chemical production of corrosive materials, such as: Caustic soda, soda ash, fatty acids, etc., light industry, food, pharmaceutical production with hygienic requirements of the materials, CNG/LPG Fuel Filter such as a variety of beverages, dairy products , alcohol, sugar and medicine.

LPG filters are widely used in steam, air, water, CNG/LPG Fuel Filter oil and other systems piping, to protect a variety of metering instruments, pumps, valves, vegetables and other equipment.

LPG Filter Features:

The pressure loss is small, the circulation area is big, the anti-pollution is strong, the sewage is convenient, the sewage is convenient. U-type filter for integral valve body design, can replace the filter inner parts, a variety of filter structure design, mesh accuracy 18-500 mesh optional, CNG/LPG Fuel Filter conventional 30-head design, dual-discharge interface, standard flange connection, small pressure loss, large circulation area, resistant to U-type filter pollution is strong, sewage convenience.