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Gas Car Manual
Sep 15, 2017

1: What is a gas car?

Gas vehicles are mainly liquefied petroleum gas (LPG or LPGV) and compressed natural gas (CNG) or CNGV. As the name suggests, LPG car is based on liquefied petroleum gas as fuel, CNG car is compressed natural gas as fuel. Liquefied natural gas is under normal pressure, the temperature of -162 degrees of liquid natural gas, stored in car insulated cylinders. Compressed natural gas vehicle (referred to as CNG car or CNGV), compressed natural gas is compressed to 20.7-24.8MPa of natural gas, stored in the car high pressure cylinders. Gas vehicle CO emissions than gasoline vehicles to reduce more than 90%, less than 70% of hydrocarbon emissions, nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 35%, is more practical low-emission low-carbon vehicles.

Compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are two very promising vehicle alternative fuels. At present, CNG and LPG cars from the combustion method on the following points:

① dual-use fuel vehicles: gasoline and LPG or CNG conversion between each other, do not affect each other;

② pure CNG or LPG car: burning alone CNG or LPG;

③ dual fuel vehicles: diesel and CNG or LPG can be mixed combustion, can also be used alone fuel.

2: the use of gas car safety?

In today's increasingly modern environment, the environment is undoubtedly the most worrisome problem. Destruction of the ozone layer, acid rain, acid mist ... ... are contaminated by the atmosphere of human revenge. As a result, retaliated human beings began to desperately to protect the environment, for the replacement of serious pollution of fuel vehicles, people invented the gas car. However, this is carrying the cylinder running around the new things, many people doubt it, safe?

    In today's urban air pollution is becoming increasingly serious today, the gas car with its good environmental performance has become an inevitable choice of the times, in recent years, the rapid spread throughout the country to promote. According to statistics, before 2000, China only converted 1323 gas vehicles, and now the city every year, the annual conversion of up to 500,000 registered in the city, not yet registered all over the countless.

Gas vehicle is a dual-fuel vehicle that is retrofitted with a gas appliance. According to the test results, CNG / LPG is used instead of fuel. The CO and HC contents in the tail gas can be reduced by 98% and 68% respectively The social benefits and considerable economic benefits are obvious. People agree with the considerable fuel economy at the same time, but also their safety question, then, the safety of gas vehicles in the end how?

In fact, the gas car is not a new thing, 60 years of experience abroad, the use of gas vehicles with high security, not as dangerous as people think, for people most worried about the special device, the following aspects Safety Assurance

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