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Fueled With CNG Advantages Compared With The Gasoline-fired
Nov 02, 2016

1, saving fuel costs and reduced transportation costs.

1 cubic meter of natural gas equivalent to 1.1-1.3-liter gasoline.

2, better than high fuel security.

Temperature of spontaneous combustion of CNG for 732, autoignition temperature of gasoline to 232~482℃. While the proportion of natural gas relative to air only 0.6~0.7. Once leaked, could spread rapidly in the air, not easy to gather at outdoor explosion limit is reached.

While CNG is carcinogenic, toxic, non-corrosive. Without significant combustion and explosion. From domestic use for more than 10 years experience in CNG gas vehicles than gas cars safer.

3, CNG-fueled riot performance good.

CNG the uprising of the octane level of gasoline at about 130, while the highest octane number currently in use only at around 96, so CNG as a motor fuel without additives. Such as lead, antiknock additive.

4, CNG vehicles has a very good environmental results.

Using CNG alternative to gasoline as a motor fuel, and 97%,CH compounds to reduce CO emission reductions can be reduced 39%,CO2 24%,SO2 72%,NO compound 90%, 40% noise reduction. And CNG is not lead, benzene and other toxic substances of cancer. Therefore, CNG is the preferred fuel for the motor transport industry and solve environmental problems.

5, fueled with CNG engine maintenance cycles may be extended.

Automobile engines to CNG as the fuel, engine running smooth, low noise. No heavy hydrocarbons to carbon reduction, extended vehicle overhaul time 20%, oil change periods extended to 15,000 km.

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