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Fuel Filter Fought Market Competitive Enterprise Market
Nov 02, 2016

Entry into WTO and rapid development of China's automobile industry, pulling the filter the rapid development of the industry. Projected 2020 filter total market demand for cars in China will be increased to 1.16 billion units. As the number and size of production enterprises have gradually expanded, filter technology is constantly improving. Meet the latest emission standards of the filter has been successfully developed, and mass production. Great filter market is attracting attention from a number of manufacturers, domestic and foreign companies have joined an increasingly competitive market. Especially after market competition is becoming intense.

According to the foresight network analysis, mainly because of the following two points: first, filter belongs to the wearing parts, need to be replaced periodically, so aftermarket sales is very large. Secondly, my auto filter industry manufacturers to large scale too small, brand of low concentration, filter aftermarket competition is particularly fierce.

Result filters in short supply for many reasons. From a macroscopic perspective, fixed-asset investment growth led to rapid development of construction machinery industry, the expansion of domestic demand for major projects filter offers the most direct impetus to the development of the market. Although the country has repeatedly increased macro-control efforts, but in front of the huge base of market demand, demand will no doubt be an amazing figure. In addition, with the opening up of the international market, doubled exports in the last two years, China's exports of engineering elevator has 25% per cent of total sales.

Filter production capacity far behind the growth in demand. President of a well-known foreign filter manufacturers said in discussing the situation of most filter manufacturers: "clients are queued for delivery, we are for those who are struggling with a limited parts. We are working hard to individually solve the bottleneck of manufacturers in order to take full advantage of existing venues to produce more products. "This phenomenon in short supply due to delivery period is too long and will also continue to plague large projects on a global scale filter market, especially in so strong demand in the Chinese market.

Filters based on the filter air, oil and fuel into the engine, and thus play a role in protecting the engine, but also enhances the efficiency of the engine, is an essential part of the engine. View filters and whole-car (or engine) direct relationship, with the rapid development of China's automobile industry in recent years, rapid increase in cars for our filter will provide a broad market space for vehicles.