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Fuel Filter
Nov 02, 2016

Whose role is to filter in engine oil and gas system of harmful particles and moisture in order to protect the pump nozzle, cylinder liner, piston rings, reducing wear and avoid jams. Filter out the iron oxide in the fuel.

Even diesel in joined diesel engine tank Qian after has precipitation and filter, is clean of, but in refueling process in the, due to refueling tool, and refueling environment, and tank mouth not clean, factors still will makes diesel pollution, and in diesel engine running process in the, due to fuel system in the deposition of impurities, and air in the suspended of sank Egypt, also will makes diesel pollution, so car Shang of diesel filter device is essential of, alone diesel in joined tank Qian and does not necessarily is real clean of.

Fuel filter is in-line fuel pump and the throttle body inlet pipe between the road. Fuel filter, filter containing iron oxide in the fuel, fuel filter is the structure of an aluminum shell and a stainless steel stent composition, composed on bracket equipped with a high efficiency filter paper, filter paper into a chrysanthemum-shaped to increase circulation area. EFI filter with the oil filter GM. Because EFI filter 200-300KPA fuel pressure on the regular, so the General requirements above 500KPA filters for compressive strength, and the oil filter is not necessary to achieve such a high pressure.

There are all kinds of impurities in the petrol, prolonged use will precipitate some dirt in the tank, these reasons will affect the quality of gasoline. Role is to filter these impurities in the petrol, gasoline through fuel filter in the tank reaches the combustion chamber of the engine, clean purity can be effectively guaranteed.