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Filter Role
Nov 02, 2016

Lubricating oil filter in the system in order for the smooth flow of lubricating oil flow to avoid impurities such as scratching, galling part surface, oil in to the friction surface, must go through strict filters. To achieve satisfactory filter effect, and not to make oil resistance increases, General and main oil line strainers, with main oil fine filter in parallel.

1 set, float type oil filter, to make the pump work very well, must put bigger particles in lubricating oil before entering the oil pump to get rid of impurities, a task assumed by the suction filter. It joins in the oil pump inlet, oil pump work, the oil from the slot between the cover and float was sucked through coarse filters filter out impurities, and weld on float tubing into the pump. When the filter is blocked, and the suction inlet pipe increases, overcome the strength of mesh and bad mouth left the hood, the oil directly from the ring without a filter into the suction pipe.

2, coarse filters in series between pump and main oil, so it is also called the full-flow filter to remove large impurities in the oil. Main cover, case, paper filter and bypass valves, and other components. When the engine is working, with pressure Lube around around into the filter into the filter cavity, large impurities in the oil is stopped by a paper filter, and clean lubricating oil into the filter cavity, and then through the outlet into the main oil cylinder.

3, fine filter: its role is to filter out impurities even smaller, often parallel with the main oil, centrifugal and two paper plate.

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