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Filter Enterprise Under The Era Fought Market
Nov 02, 2016

Although filters aftermarket demand is great, but as more and more companies enter the market, in fact, filter after market has entered a profit, and profit margins are also shrinking. Coupled with the appreciation of the Renminbi, rising raw material prices, factors that make the already difficult business more difficult, filter how an enterprise should break through?

Insiders say filters to survive enterprises had to enter the market, due to the high market demand, into the enterprise is not a lot, so competition is relatively good, and relatively high profit margins. But foreign investment and joint venture brands to seize the market, almost all of the high-end models filter supporting the market, thus improving brand technical strength is particularly important.

Good news is, at present, some have a certain scale of filter manufacturers are aware of this, making inroads into the market, while entering the market companies also face difficulties of one kind or another, but this has become a trend.

Oil filters in diesel generator use if not timely maintenance, filter clogging, oil pressure, safety valve opens, the oil directly into the main oil, lubricate surface wear, affecting the service life of the diesel generator. Therefore, oil filter 180-200 hours per work, cleaning 1 times, found the damage, should be replaced immediately in order to prevent impurities from entering the lubrication. Seasonal use of diesel generator set, you should also clean the crankcase and the lubricated surfaces, is used for washing after oil, kerosene and diesel oil, may, adding washing oil of oil out washing, and then, low speed diesel generator 3-5 minutes, and then wash oil, add new oil.