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Filling Valves Are Widely Used In Food Machinery
Sep 23, 2017

The filling valve is a switch-type valve with precise and quantitative control flow. Widely used in food, packaging, petrochemical, metallurgy, painting, vehicles, printing and dyeing machinery on the valve characteristics of the use of lightweight valve actuator design, beautiful appearance, compact structure, excellent performance.

Filling valve is a very common type of filling valve in the market, CNG Filling Valve it is mainly a method of filling a container into a liquid level. The pressure filling machine utilizes a separate box or a liquid pump to enter the liquid from the liquid storage tank into the filling valve. The liquid passes through the filling valve into the container. The filling valve is also fitted with an overflow tube, CNG Filling Valve and the filling level is formed when the inlet of the overflow pipe is covered with a rising liquid surface. But as long as the container is sealed under the filling valve, the liquid will continue to overflow through the overflow manifold. When the seal is lifted, the valve sleeve closes the filling valve and the overflow pipe inlet and the filling ends. The inlet position of the overflow pipe at the upper part of the container determines the filling level, which is a real filling machine.

Introduction of product features of filling valve

In recent developments, a pressure filler fitted with a special filling valve is used to fill liquids with low carbon dioxide concentrations. In general, the pressure filler is used to fill the liquid without gas, it is low-cost, suitable for filling a variety of liquids and a variety of different containers. The filling in the pressure environment is often confined to a container filled with a thin neck.

There is a pressure-gravity filling method in the filling valve, which is commonly used for filling soda, beer, sparkling wines, and champagne-containing beverages. Liquid is packed in a liquid tank on a high-speed rotating machine, with high-pressure gas on the liquid surface, the filling valve is installed on the liquid storage tank, keeps the container up to the filling valve, the spring pressure in the withstand valve, the valve opens, and when the container is sealed with the filling valve, a mechanical clamping device opens an inflatable valve located at the upper part of the exhaust pipe of the filling valve. CNG Filling Valve The pneumatic valve is located above the liquid surface of the liquid tank, and the high-pressure gas on the liquid surface is entered into the container by the exhaust pipe, which has the same pressure as the upper space of the storage tank, at this time, the liquid valve opens and the liquid flows into the container due to the gravity effect. When the liquid flows into the container, the air in the container is discharged through the vent pipe. CNG Filling Valve The filling level is determined when the vent nozzle is covered with a rising liquid surface.

To sum up, in the filling valve before the seal is discharged, the container liquid surface is still under pressure, in order to release pressure, filling valve has a mechanical exhaust valve, slowly open, CNG Filling Valve the upper part of the container and the atmosphere interlinked. Therefore, when the container is removed from the filling machine and the seal is discharged, no liquid is sprayed out. The essence of this method is gravity filling and no liquid overflow occurs.

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