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Filling Valves Are Widely Used In Food Machinery
Sep 09, 2017

The filling valve is a switch-type valve with precise and quantitative control flow. Widely used in food, packaging, petrochemical, metallurgy, painting, vehicles, printing and dyeing machinery on the valve characteristics of the use of lightweight valve actuator design, beautiful appearance, compact structure, excellent performance.

The filling valve comprises: a filling valve cavity connected with the material cylinder at one end and the other end being connected with the filling container, CNG Filling Valve a filling spool arranged in the filling valve cavity for sealing the seal of the material outlet of the filling valve cavity, and a regulating mechanism connected with the filling valve core, characterized in that a exhaust valve cavity is arranged on the connecting end of the filling valve cavity with the filling container, and a exhaust valve core is arranged in the exhaust valve cavity, CNG Filling Valve and a defoaming valve cavity is connected at the other end of the exhaust valve cavity, and the defoaming valve cavity is provided with a defoaming strainer and a drip-proof filter net. Compared with the prior art, the utility model provides a filling valve which has the characteristics of simple structure, CNG Filling Valve convenient filling and avoiding cross contamination.

Filling valve body is provided with a filling channel, which is characterized in that the filling channel is provided with a strainer for lock water and filtration. By adding a strainer for lock water and filtration on the filling channel of the filling valve body, when filling valve filling is adopted, CNG Filling Valve the quality of filling product is improved by filtration net, and the valve of the inlet pipe is closed, and after the filling is stopped, because the strainer has the function of lock water, it can block the filling liquid which stays in the filling passage. CNG Filling Valve Avoid filling liquid because of its own gravity drop, shorten the filling cycle, improve filling efficiency.

Filling valve with lock water and filtration function, filling valve can raise the quality of finished product. The technical scheme is as follows: A filling valve includes a filling valve body, wherein the filling valve is provided with a filling channel and a strainer for locking water and filtration is arranged in the filling passage. Further technical solutions are described below: preferably, the filling channel is equipped with a shunt platen, CNG Filling Valve wherein the shunt platen is offset from the filter net. When the filling pipe mixed with air, the liquid will be irregular movement, using the shunt plate can make the liquid into the bottle separately, to avoid irregular movement of the liquid bow I splash phenomenon. Preferably, the shunt platen is a four-page structure. Preferably, the filling channel is equipped with a flange for installing the filter mesh. Preferably, CNG Filling Valve a backflow channel is also arranged in the filling valve body, wherein the backflow inlet port of the Backflow channel is communicated with the outlet of the filling channel, and the Backflow outlet of the Backflow channel is arranged on the side wall of the filling valve body. The Backflow channel is used to connect the CIP cleaning device with a circulating cleaning filling valve, CNG Filling Valve and the Backflow channel replaces the hose used for the connection of the filling valve with the CIP cleaning device, making the overall structure simpler, smaller in size, small in footprint, and easy to install. Preferably, the inlet port of the filling passage is connected with the inlet pipe through a clamp.

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