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Filling Valves Are Suitable For Filling Farmers
Jul 28, 2017

Filling Valves Are Suitable For Filling Farmers

Filling the main application of filling or equipment, in food, beverages, fruit juice and other fields have a wide range of applications. A negative pressure is generated when the plunger is contracted.


Forcing the inlet check valve to be opened, the outlet check valve is closed and the liquid is vacuumed into the valve chamber. CNG Filling Valve When the plunger expands, the liquid pressure increases, forcing the check valve to open, the inlet check valve closes, and the liquid is transported.

● Specifications: 1.5 "-3", DN40-DN80

Material: ASTM T304 / 1.4301, 316L / 1.4404

● Maximum temperature: 120 ℃

Washers: EPDM FDA177.2600

The filling valve is a mechanism for filling the liquid material in the tank into the filling container. It is a fluid passage switch between the tank, the air chamber (the filling chamber, the exhaust chamber, the negative pressure chamber) and the filling container, CNG Filling Valve and the relevant path can be switched according to the filling process requirements. Mainly by the valve body, valve end, valves, sealing components and other components.

Filling the valve body according to the number of valves, CNG Filling Valve the structure of a single valve type, double valve type and multi-valve type.

The single valve type filling valve has only one valve or liquid valve. Such as atmospheric pressure filling valve airway is always in the open state, so only a liquid valve. CNG Filling Valve The device is suitable for filling pesticides.

Two-valve filling valve is both a liquid valve and a valve. Such as gravity negative pressure filling valve, has a valve and a liquid valve.

Multi-valve filling valve is not only equipped with inflatable valve and filling valve, as well as return valve and other auxiliary valves.

The filling valve includes a filling valve connected at one end to the material cylinder and the other end connected with the container to be filled, a filling valve body arranged in the filling valve chamber for sealing the seal of the filling material of the valve chamber And an adjustment mechanism connected to the filling valve body, characterized in that an exhaust valve chamber is provided in the connection end between the filling valve chamber and the container to be filled, and the exhaust valve chamber is provided with an exhaust spool And a defoaming valve cavity is connected with the other end of the exhaust valve chamber, CNG Filling Valve and the defoaming valve cavity is provided with a defoaming filter and an anti-drip filter. Compared with the prior art, the filling valve provided by the utility model has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient filling and avoiding cross-contamination.

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