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Filling Valve Technology Introduction
Aug 12, 2017

Filling valve for the precise quantitative control of the flow of the switch valve. Widely used in food, packaging, petrochemical, metallurgy, painting, vehicles, printing and dyeing machinery valve characteristics Valve actuators with lightweight design, beautiful appearance, compact structure, excellent performance.

At present, the main production of domestic filling valve manufacturers not much, CNG Filling Valve filling the valve with its filling speed, convenient and flexible, accurate and stable known.

The filling valve includes a filling valve body, wherein the filling valve body is provided with a filling channel, characterized in that a filter for water lock and filtration is provided in the filling channel. Through the filling valve body in the filling channel for the addition of water and filter the filter, CNG Filling Valve in the use of filling valve filling, through the filter to improve the quality of filling products; close the inlet pipe valve, stop After filling, because the filter has a lock water function, CNG Filling Valve can stay in the filling channel filling liquid sealed, to avoid filling the liquid drop due to their own gravity, shorten the filling cycle, improve filling efficiency.

Technology Introduction

Beverage, finished water is often selected non-contact quantitative filling pipeline filling, non-contact quantitative filling pipeline is mainly by the flow meter, switch valve, pipe, and filling valve and other components. Filling process is usually: the liquid flow through the pipeline, the flow meter to determine the total amount of fluid, filling the valve on the liquid speed after the harvest into the bottle. However, CNG Filling Valve after the valve closes the valve, the valve body of the filling valve stores the tubular liquid, and the tubular liquid tends to flow down slowly due to its own gravity and flows out of the filling valve. Equipment in a long time after use, the valve body and the accumulation of dirt in the pipeline, pipe valve seal aging, CNG Filling Valve if not handled will lead to broken body breakage, so that the quality of finished filling low.

Filling the valve to mention the quality of the finished product. The method comprises the following steps: a filling valve comprising a filling valve body, wherein the filling valve body is provided with a filling channel in which a filter for water lock and filtration is arranged. Further, a further technical solution will be described below. Preferably, the filling channel is provided with a shunt plate, CNG Filling Valve and the shunt plate is in contact with the filter. When the filling line into the air, the liquid will be irregular movement, the use of shunt pressure plate can make the liquid flow into the bottle separately, to avoid the irregular movement of the liquid bow I splash phenomenon. Preferably, the shunt plate is of a four-sheet structure. Preferably, the filling channel is provided with a flange for mounting the filter. Preferably, a reflow passage is provided in the filling valve body, CNG Filling Valve and the return liquid inlet of the return passage is communicated with the liquid outlet of the filling passage, and the return liquid discharge port of the return passage is provided Fill the side wall of the valve body. The return channel is used to circulate the refueling valve with the CIP cleaning unit. The return channel replaces the hose for filling the valve with the CIP cleaning unit, making the overall structure simpler, smaller in size, less space and easy to install. Preferably, the inlet of the filling channel is engaged with the inlet pipe through the clamp.

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