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Filling Valve Is Widely Used
Jun 15, 2017

Filling the main application of filling or equipment, in food, beverages, fruit juice and other fields have a wide range of applications.

A negative pressure is generated when the plunger shrinks. Forcing the inlet check valve to be opened, the outlet check valve is closed and the liquid is vacuumed into the valve chamber.

When the plunger expands, the liquid pressure increases, forcing the check valve to open, CNG Filling Valve the inlet check valve closes, and the liquid is transported.

● Specifications: 1.5 "-3", DN40-DN80

Material: ASTM T304 / 1.4301, 316L / 1.4404

● Maximum temperature: 120 ℃

Washers: EPDM FDA177.2600

Filling valve for the precise quantitative control of the flow of the switch valve. CNG Filling Valve Widely used in food, packaging, petrochemical, metallurgy, painting, vehicles, printing and dyeing machinery valve characteristics Valve actuators with lightweight design, beautiful appearance, compact structure, excellent performance.

At present, the main production of domestic filling valve manufacturers not much, CNG Filling Valve filling the valve with its filling speed, convenient and flexible, accurate and stable known.

First, the general steps of filling the valve design

1 to develop a structural plan

(1) to determine the number of valves in the valve body

According to the selected filling method and its corresponding process. Determine the number of valves and their relative positions between the chamber, the chamber and the vessel. For pre-evacuation of the vacuum valve structure (pre-evacuation that is about to be pumped about 90% of the original air - and then charge other gas for isobaric filling). In addition to the need to set up a liquid door, still need to set three valves. That is, CNG Filling Valve a valve for inflation and return air, in the vicinity of the tank chamber position; a pre-vacuum for a valve and a pressure release for the valve, are close to the valve end and bottleneck connected to the location.

For the three-chamber long pipe threshold structure, in addition to the need to set a liquid door, but also need to set three valves. A valve for inflation, a valve for accelerating the exhaust, to achieve rapid canning. A valve for pressure release, which should be in a position close to the valve end and the bottleneck.

(2) to determine the structure of the valve body layout

According to the opening and closing form of the valve, the structure of the movable member and the movable member of the movable body and the sealing form between the movable surfaces are determined.

In contrast, the movement of the wide, especially the plane seal structure is easy to achieve spring compression seal. As the flow channel cross-section, less detours, parts of the structure and shape is relatively simple, it is conducive to improving the filling speed, and easy to clean. But the number of parts is too high, CNG Filling Valve and seal the spring once the failure. Filling is difficult to carry out. And the number of rotary valve parts is small, there is a certain degree of reliability, but it is difficult to ensure that the broken bottle is not filling, especially the use of sealing surface sealing structure, sealing material can not be compensated after wear - only re-replacement, CNG Filling Valve prone to leakage, Not widely used.

(3) to determine the structure of the valve end layout

According to the filling process requirements of liquid, can determine the long tube or short tube valve end structure. The long tube structure of the central tube is inserted close to the bottom of the bottle for feeding, such as a three chamber long tube valve. The center tube of the spool structure is inserted into the bottleneck area for inflation or exhaust, such as pre-evacuated valves. In addition, in order to ensure quantitative accuracy and stable outflow, etc., must also be reasonable layout of some of the structural elements of the valve. As shown in Figure 4-35, the valve end structure of the short pipe structure, the return air pipe 19 and the liquid valve 5 are provided with an adjustable thread connection, and the liquid level between the valve bottom pad 21 and the Yan Block 8 is as close as possible Valve end. Help to improve the quantitative accuracy. The dispensing hood 20 of the trachea at the time of filling is located at the point where the liquid material enters the bottleneck, and a recirculating ring-shaped annulus is formed above the manifold, CNG Filling Valve and the valve seat is recessed so as to avoid drift of the liquid gate The

(4) opening and closing the structure of the valve

Valve opening and closing structure, should be based on the valve in the valve body in the position and its opening and closing movement appropriate choice.

2 Calculate the basic parameters of the flow channel

From the initial size of the structure, and then accurately calculate the filling valve flow interface flow rate, so as to form a stable laminar flow. According to the required filling time, and then consider the filling machine spindle speed and filling area of the angle, check and modify the design of the valve. CNG Filling Valve So that it meets the given production capacity. Only to meet these requirements, in order to finalize the size of the filling valve structure. drafting paper.