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Filling Valve Filling Speed Fast
Jul 12, 2017

The filling valve is a switch-type valve with precise and quantitative control flow. Widely used in food, packaging, petrochemical, metallurgy, painting, vehicles, printing and dyeing machinery on the valve characteristics of the use of lightweight valve actuator design, beautiful appearance, compact structure, excellent performance.

At present, the main production of filling valve manufacturers are not many, CNG Filling Valve filling valve to its filling speed, convenient and flexible, accurate and stable known.

The filling valve comprises: a filling valve cavity which is connected with the material cylinder at one end and the other end being connected with the filling container, a filling valve core arranged in the filling valve cavity, a sealing piece for sealing the outlet of the filling valve cavity material, CNG Filling Valve and a regulating mechanism connected with the filling spool; it is characterized in that the exhaust valve cavity is arranged on the connecting end of the filling chamber and the filling container, wherein the exhaust valve core is arranged in the exhaust valve cavity; the other end of the exhaust valve cavity is connected with a defoaming valve cavity, and the defoaming valve cavity is provided with a defoaming screen and anti-dripping strainer. Compared with the prior art, the utility model provides a filling valve which has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient filling and avoid cross-contamination.

The filling valve is the body which fills the liquid material in the storage tank into the filling container. It is a fluid access switch between a storage tank, an air chamber (an inflatable chamber, CNG Filling Valve an exhaust chamber, a negative pressure chamber) and a filling container. According to the filling process requirements. Can be converted to the relevant pathways in turn. Mainly by valve body, valve end, valve, sealing components and so on.

Filling valve filling valve body According to the number of valves, CNG Filling Valve its structure has a single valve type, double valve type and multiple valve type.

Single valve type filling valve has only one valve or liquid valve. such as normal pressure filling valve of the airway is always in the open state, so only a liquid valve. The device is suitable for filling pesticide.

Double valve type filling valve is both liquid valve and valve. such as gravity-type negative pressure filling valve, there is a valve and a liquid valve.

Multi-valve filling valve is not only equipped with inflatable valve and filling valve, but also the auxiliary valve such as return valve.