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Filling The Valve Is A Kind Of Equipment Commonly Used In Industry
Jun 30, 2017

Filling the valve is a very common type of filling valve on the market. It is mainly a method of filling the container into a certain level. The pressure filling machine uses a machine outside the box or pump, the liquid from the tank into the filling valve. The liquid enters the container through the filling valve. The filling valve is also equipped with an overflow pipe, when the overflow pipe is covered by the rising surface of the liquid, the filling level is formed. However, as long as the container is sealed under the filling valve, CNG Filling Valve the liquid will continue to overflow through the overflow pipe. When the seal is released, the valve sleeve will close the filling valve and the overflow pipe inlet, filling the end. The location of the overflow pipe located at the top of the container determines the level of filling, which is a true pressure filling machine.

Filling valve product features introduced

In the recent development, a pressure filling machine with a special filling valve was used to fill liquids with lower concentrations of carbon dioxide. In general, CNG Filling Valve the pressure filling machine is used to fill the gas without gas, it is low cost, suitable for filling a variety of liquids and a variety of different containers. The filling in the pressurized environment is limited to containers filled with fine neck.

In the filling valve there is a pressure gravitational filling method, this method is generally used for filling soda water, beer, sparkling wine and champagne and other gas-containing drinks. Liquid installed in the high-speed rotation of the machine running on the tank, the liquid surface with high pressure gas, filling valve is installed in the tank, keep the irrigation vessel rose to the filling valve, CNG Filling Valve to withstand the spring pressure in the valve, So that when the container is sealed with the filling port, a mechanical pressing device opens the inflatable valve located in the upper part of the exhaust pipe of the filling valve. The inflatable valve is located above the liquid level of the tank, and the high pressure gas on the liquid level enters the container through the exhaust pipe so that the container has the same pressure as the upper space of the tank. At this time, the liquid valve opens and the liquid flows due to gravity container. When the liquid flows into the container, the air in the container is discharged through the exhaust pipe. When the exhaust pipe is covered by the rising liquid level, CNG Filling Valve the filling level is determined.

Filling valve is a more commonly used in the industry a device, with the rapid development of the market, people for the filling valve structure requirements have become increasingly high. So, for the structure of the filling valve how to design it? We for everyone in detail under the specific design:

Structure Design of Filling Valve

1, open and close the structure of the valve

Valve opening and closing structure, should be based on the valve in the valve body in the position and its opening and closing movement appropriate choice.

2, to determine the structure of the valve end of the layout

According to the filling process requirements of liquid, can determine the long tube or short tube valve end structure. The central tube of the long tube structure is inserted close to the bottom of the bottle for feeding, CNG Filling Valve such as a three chamber long pipe valve. The center tube of the spool structure is inserted into the bottleneck area for inflation or exhaust, such as pre-evacuated valves. In addition, in order to ensure the accuracy of quantitative and stable outflow, etc., must also be reasonable layout of the valve end of some structural elements.

3, to determine the structure of the valve body layout

According to the opening and closing form of the valve, the structure of the movable member and the movable member of the movable body and the sealing form between the movable surfaces are determined.

In contrast, the movement of the wide, especially the plane seal structure is easy to achieve spring compression seal. As the flow channel cross-section, less detours, parts of the structure and shape is relatively simple, it is conducive to improving the filling speed, and easy to clean. CNG Filling Valve But the number of parts is too high, and the seal spring once failed. Filling is difficult to carry out. The number of rotary valve parts is small, there is a certain degree of reliability. But it is difficult to ensure that the broken bottle is not filling, especially the use of sealing surface of the sealing structure, the sealing material can not be compensated after wear - only re-replacement, prone to leakage phenomenon, it is not widely used.

4, to determine the number of valves in the valve

Determine the number of valves and their relative positions between the liquid chamber, the gas chamber and the vessel, depending on the selected filling method and its corresponding process. For the pre-evacuation of the vacuum valve structure (pre-vacuum that is about to be pumped about 90% of the original air - and then charge other gas for equal pressure filling.) In addition to the need to set a liquid door, Three valves. That is, a valve for inflation and return air, in the vicinity of the tank chamber position; a pre-vacuum for a valve and a pressure release valve, CNG Filling Valve are close to the valve end and bottleneck connected to the location.

The above is our detailed description of the filling valve structure design, hope that the above description can help everyone, filling valve in the real industry in the application is extremely extensive, so we understand some of its basic knowledge is also very necessary.