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Compact Filling Valve Structure
Aug 28, 2017

The filling valve is the body which fills the liquid material in the storage tank into the filling container. It is a fluid access switch between a storage tank, an air chamber (an inflatable chamber, an exhaust chamber, a negative pressure chamber) and a filling container. CNG Filling Valve According to the filling process requirements. Can be converted to the relevant pathways in turn. Mainly consists of valve body, valve end, valve, sealing components and so on.

The valve body of the filling valve is according to the number of valves, CNG Filling Valve and its structure is single valve type, double valve type and multiple valve type.

The filling valve has only one valve or liquid valve. such as normal pressure filling valve of the airway is always in the open state, so only a liquid valve. The device is suitable for filling pesticide.

The filling valve is both a liquid valve and a valve. CNG Filling Valve such as gravity-type negative pressure filling valve, there is a valve and a liquid valve.

Filling valve is not only equipped with inflatable valve and filling valve, but also the auxiliary valve such as return valve.

The filling valve is a switch-type valve with precise and quantitative control flow. Widely used in food, packaging, petrochemical, metallurgy, painting, vehicles, CNG Filling Valve printing and dyeing machinery on the valve characteristics of the use of lightweight valve actuator design, beautiful appearance, compact structure, excellent performance.

Mainly used in filling or equipment, in food, beverages, fruit juices and other fields have a wide range of applications.

A negative pressure occurs when the plunger shrinks. CNG Filling Valve Force Suction inlet Valve is opened, exit check valve closed, liquid vacuum inhalation into the valve cavity.

Plunger when the liquid pressure increased, forcing the check valve open, CNG Filling Valve suction inlet valve closed, the liquid is also transported.

Spec.: 1.5 "-3", Dn40-dn80

Material: ASTM t304/1.4301, 316L/1.4404

Maximum temperature: 120 ℃

Washer: EPDM FDA177 2600