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CNG Conversion Kits
Feb 11, 2017

A CNG conversion kit incorporates steel, aluminum, plastic or composite CNG storage cylinders; pressure regulators to convert the gas from storage pressure in the tank to metering pressure; gas injectors or gas mixers to meter the fuel; gas cylinders and valves; and the requisite electronic systems, wiring, high-pressure tubing, fittings, switchgear, and accessories. 

The savings gained by CNG conversion can cover the CNG conversion kit itself, the process of installation, and whatever accessories the customer desires. A significant variable is the amount of fuel capacity desired, as the cost of CNG storage cylinders is high. However, this expense is often recouped in fuel savings, although this may not be applicable for older cars that don't have a long life ahead of them. In addition, income tax credits are granted to customers who install certified retrofitting systems in their cars, which may make a CNG conversion kit an even more attractive option.