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CNG Cars
Nov 02, 2016

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) automobile is compressed natural gas instead of conventional gasoline or diesel as fuel for cars. At present, the conditions of natural gas pipe network area is dominated by development of CNG vehicles.

CNG car is mainly composed of methane gas stored in pressure 25Mpa cylinder similar to the fuel tank in the car, used as a motor fuel. Main processes in the 0.3~0.8Mpa low pressure natural gas CNG bus station, after the natural gas compressor pressure 25Mpa, controlled by the control panel in the order, in order of high, medium and low pressure storage to the gas cylinder group, then by the CNG dispensers to automobile cylinder filling. Automobile cylinder high pressure gas through pressure relief devices relief through gas mixer gas to engine.

Compressed natural gas (abbreviated CNG) vehicle fuel for vehicles, known as CNG cars, for in-use vehicles, will shape gasoline vehicles, while retaining the original car fuel system case, added a dedicated compressed natural gas equipment, forming the "CNG dual fuel car" fuel conversion just a toggle switch. And filled with a range of up to 200 kilometers of natural gas, especially for buses, city taxi, round trip mileage of no more than 200 km of bus, car and other vehicles.