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what is Ignition advance?
Nov 02, 2016

To install ignition, the engine power and torque increases, energy consumption fell, to a certain degree improved dual-fuel engine power and fuel economy, solving vehicle oil changes was mad the show after uphill acceleration performance and phenomena such as gas consumption had a significant improvement.

Ignition ahead of device is in not change original machine structure situation Xia, appropriate put ignition ahead of angle ahead of, such on can guarantee gas stable burning, improve using gas Shi of engine of power, ignition ahead of angle controller can makes gas/gasoline dual-use fuel car burning with different of fuel Shi, can automatically change ignition ahead of angle, to guarantee engine in different of speed Shi are in best ignition ahead of angle Xia work, both can both fuel, and gas two species conditions, while on original engine compression than and burning structure, are not do changes, Can transform the switch position, through the control of single chip dual-fuel cars ignition advance angle for precise control.