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Pressure reducer
Nov 02, 2016

Due to the high pressure within the cylinders, gas welding and gas cutting and the pressure needed to use smaller, so you need to use the pressure reducer to the high pressure gas stored in cylinders downgraded to a low-pressure gas, and should ensure that the required working pressure remained stable from start to finish. In short, the unloader is downgraded to a low pressure high pressure gas gas, and keep constant output pressure and flow of the gas regulator.

1.813 series regulator body is made from brass <HPb59-1 > made. Structure of two-stage vacuum with single-stage vacuum similar to the valve push rod, pressure regulating spring, flexible thin-film devices, vacuum components such as doors. First stage vacuum system is mainly used for will be automatically downgraded to a medium-pressure gas high pressure gas, reduced pressure 2MPa, then into second-stage vacuum system. In the secondary pressure-relief system, when turning pressure regulating screw, through the spring of pressure adjust, flexible thin-film device and valve push rod, so that the pressure relief valve for varying degrees of open and closed, in order to adjust the first decompression system into oxygen decompression or stop gas supply.

2.813 pressure reducer inlet connector thread size as 23.4mm connector in the hole 7mm, vent connector diameter size is 4.8mm, with a maximum flow rate of 40m3/h. Pressure reducer body and fitted with a high pressure oxygen and low pressure oxygen tables, respectively, indicating high pressure gas (oxygen) and low-voltage indoor gas pressure (working pressure). Range of high pressure oxygen gauge. 25MPa。 Range of low pressure oxygen tables for 0-1.6MPa o

813 when the regulator, when turning the adjusting screw clockwise, can open pressure reducing valve, high pressure oxygen inflow from the cracks in the pressure Chamber. Indoor volume expansion due to oxygen at low pressure and reduced pressure, decompression function.

3.813-type two-stage pressure reducer inlet Union nut thread size for the G5/8, the diameter size of the joint 7mm, vent connector diameter size can be selected according to the different needs of 5mm or 9mm two. Body mounted high pressure oxygen gauges measuring range 0-25MPa, low pressure oxygen gauge range as 0-1.6MPa.