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Liquid level sensors industry
Sep 09, 2017

In the early 21st century, industrialization of liquid level sensor there is still a lot of challenges. Reportedly, China has has more than 1700 more than engaged in liquid bit sensor of production and development of enterprise, liquid bit sensor annual breakthrough 2.4 billion only, liquid bit sensor products reached 10 big class, and 42 small class, and more than 6,000 multiple varieties, rendering out good of development situation, but in this enterprise in the, foreign-funded enterprises advantage obviously, foreign-funded enterprises share reached 67%, especially Japan, and United States, and Korea and Germany, State-owned enterprise and national enterprise by accounted for share only for 33%. Comprehensive strength of enterprises at home and abroad, and small scale, talent shortages, weak development capacity, harder to compete with foreign enterprises.

Even more crucial is, technically, weak domestic liquid level sensor technology, mainly in the following three points:

First, lack of core technologies and basic skills, core chip is heavily dependent on foreign imports, domestic enterprises in the high-precision, high-sensitivity analysis, composition analysis of high-end and foreign enterprises and application-specific differences were obvious.

Second, in areas such as reliability, package design, and the lack of unified standards and intellectual property, interface, deep etching, high-temperature ohmic contact, highly reliable MEMS packaging, rapid tests, high simulation technology has yet to be achieved a breakthrough and industrialization of verification;

Third, product varieties, specifications, a series of comprehensive enough, characteristics, temperature measurement accuracy, response time, stability, reliability and other technical indicators still have no small distinction, so float liquid level sensor enterprises in China a long way to go.

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