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Emulator technologies used
Nov 02, 2016

Simulator of production in China has more than 10 years of history with technology based on time and roughly divided into the following categories:

(1) the simulation development system

This technique is mainly used in the primary stage of emulator. Since there were no better simulation of chip technology or, emulator designed to be a dual-platform system, and according to user requirements in the monitoring system and the user's system, switch. This simulation system totally depends on the designer level. Actual performance varies between manufacturers. But generally require certain users and design complex, now has largely been eliminated, is used in a number of developing learning systems.

(2) Bondout technology

Generally speaking people are often dedicated emulation chip is Bondout said. The simulation of chip is usually a single chip. But internal co-ordination with special simulation of timing. When entering the simulation State, can freeze time within the run, you can view/modify MCU internal resources when at rest. Bondout production Simulator with timing running accuracy (there are exceptions). Design and low cost: Bondout chip is generally provided by the monolithic integrated circuit manufacturers. So it can only be used in simulations of the manufacturer specifies the MCU simulation varieties rarely.

(3) HOOKS technology

HOOKS is a simulation technology owned by PHILIPS. Mainly deals with the different varieties of single-chip microcomputer simulation problems. Uses a patented technology can emulate all HOOKS property of SCM. Even if it is made by different manufacturers, using HOOKS technology to create the emulator is compatible with the simulation of different manufacturers of a variety of single-chip microcomputer and simulation of electrical performance is very close to the real microcontroller. But HOOKS technique to particularly high technical requirements of the manufacturer of the emulator. Emulator of different manufacturers at the same time authorized by the HOOKS technique. But design simulator performance varied widely. Even today, not every Simulator manufacturers can produce HOOKS emulator. If the production performance is also very different, users should carefully distinguished.