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Nov 02, 2016

Simulator (emulator) to reproduce a system a system function. And computer simulation system (Computer Simulation) differ, the emulator to simulate system's external appearance, behavior, rather than abstract models of simulation systems.

Emulator can replace your MCU on the target system and simulation of its operation. And the actual target processor to run the emulator, but other features have been added, so you can use desktop computer or other programs and data in the debug interface to observe the MCU, and control the operation of MCU. With the development of IC and software integration platform, the emulator has been endowed with new content and new challenges, because its development must be synchronized with the CPU, bus speeds of 150Mhz 64bit was to be the realization of TRACE has become impossible.

MCU Simulator is an electronic product development instead of single chip machine debugging of hardware and software development tools. Combined with the integrated development environment using the Simulator you can step through the program for single chip debugging, you can also use breakpoints, debugging tools, such as at full speed, and observe a variety of variables, RAM and real-time data from registers, tracking implementation of the program. For real-time debug hardware at the same time. Using single chip computer simulation allows you to quickly find and eliminate logical errors in the program, shortened monolithic development cycle. In site only using burn device repeatedly burn wrote single tablets machine, through eye observation results for development of method greatly increased has debugging of difficulty, extended has whole development cycle, and not easy found program in the many implied of errors, special for single tablets machine development experience not rich of beginners for more difficult, thus, single tablets machine simulation device single tablets machine system development in the play with important of role.