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Development trend of automotive electronics
Nov 02, 2016

With the development of integrated control technology, computer technology and network technology, automotive technology has been obvious to the integrated, intelligent and networked development in three main directions.

(A) integration

In recent years, embedded systems, LAN control and data bus technology matures, the integration of vehicle electronic control system becomes inevitable trend in the development of automotive technology. Will engine management system and automatically transmission control system, integrated for power drive system of integrated control; will brake anti-hold died control system, and traction control system and drive anti-sliding control system integrated in with for brake control; through Central chassis controller, will brake, and hanging frame, and steering, and power drive, control system through bus for connection, controller through complex of control operation, on the subsystem for coordination, will vehicles driving performance control to best level, formed integration chassis control system.

(B) Intelligent

Development of intelligent sensor technology and computer technology, speeding up the process of intelligent car. Automotive intelligence-related technical issues have been highly valued by automobile manufacturers. The main technical "autopilot" concept will depend on electronic technology. Intelligent transportation system (ITS) development will be combined with electronic, satellite positioning and other interdisciplinary, it can provide drivers with the goal of information, providing the shortest distance to the driver but also around the vehicle density the relative concentration of the best route. It equipped with a map, showing the road ahead, and the use of satellite navigation. Obtained from the global positioning satellite weather, traffic flow, traffic accidents, traffic jams and other situations, automatically select the best route.