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Chassis integrated control system
Nov 02, 2016

Integrated chassis control system includes the electronically controlled automatic transmission, anti-lock braking system (ABS) with anti-slip system (ASR), electronic power steering system (EPS), the Adaptive suspension system (ASS), cruise control system (CCS).

1. Electronically controlled automatic transmission (ECAT)

In General, vehicle speed and torque required for driving wheels, and available from the engine speed and torque are quite different, so transmission system is needed to change the gear ratio between the engine to the drive wheels, engine power to the drive wheels to be able to adapt to the needs of load and road conditions. In addition, stop and reverse also fulfilled by transmission system, timely and coordinated work of engine and transmission system, full power transmission system potential, to achieve the best match, which is the basic task of transmission control system. ECAT based on load and engine speed, vehicle speed, brake status, and control through the driver parameters to calculate, determine automatically after changing the position of the gear lever, in accordance with the precise control of variable-ratio shift characteristics, so as to achieve the best transmission shift control, get the best gear and the best time to shift. The device with high transmission efficiency, low fuel consumption, shifting comfort, smooth ride, good transmission and long service life and so on. Using electronic technology, especially micro-electronic control transmission system, has become the main method of the current car automatic transmission function.

2. Anti-lock braking system (ABS) with anti-slip system (ASR)

Car anti-hold died brake system can perception brake round each instantaneous of movement State, through control prevent car brake Shi wheels of hold died to guarantee wheels and ground reached best sliding rate, to makes car in various road Shang brake Shi, wheels and ground are can reached longitudinal of peak attached coefficient and larger of side to attached coefficient, to guarantee vehicles brake Shi not occurred hold died drag sliding, and lost steering capacity, not security of factors, can makes car in brake Shi maintained direction stability and shortened brake distance, To improve driving safety. It is used in automotive safety application of one of the most valuable items on.