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2 in 1 FX05 FX10 Emulator

2 in 1 FX05 FX10 Emulator

Product Details

2 in 1 FX05 FX10 Emulator

Product Technical Parameter:

Operating Voltage

10 - 14 VDC

Working Temperature

- 40°C - + 100°C

1. Emulation for Injectors.

2. Using microswitch with long lifetime and compact size.

3. Easy to install and operate.

4. Be compatible for all kinds of vehicles with 3-4 Cyl.

5. According to the condition of engine, the interior oxygen sensor emulator will adjust in time to meet the requirement of original vehicles.

6. All components and wire harness are designed by vehicle standard. 

Having been focused on high quality CNC conversion kits and LPG conversions kits for many years, OPALD now brings customers the best quality 2 in 1 fx05 fx10 emulator made in China. With the aid of advanced technology and equipment, we warmly welcome you to wholesale our low price products in stock.

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