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Multipoint Sequential ECU for 6 Cylinder CNG / LPG computer oil to gas car modification

Multipoint Sequential ECU for 6 Cylinder CNG / LPG computer oil to gas car modification

Multipoint Sequential LPG ECU for 6 cylinder

Product Details

Multipoint Sequential LPG ECU for 6 cylinder

Product Technical Parameter:

CNG kits (EFI engine) for 3/4/6/8 cylinder 

highquality and competitiveprice 

Cng/Lpg multipoint sequential system 

CNG/LPG kits (Multipoint Sequential Injection System )

EG800 Technical Parameter:

1, Working Voltage: 8 16V

2, Coil Resistance: ≥ 0.5 Ω

3, Peak & Holdpeak & hold

4, Cylinder Type: sequential Injection 3 / 4 / 6 / 8 cylinder

5, Input Signal: original injection petrol signalfuel pressure signalwater temperature signalgas temperature signalvacuum pressure signaloxygen sensor signal

6, Ambient Temperature: 40 + 120

7, Waterproof Level: flush resistant

8, Connection: 48 Pin

9, Diagnostics Connector: RS232

System Characteristics:

1. The air-fuel ratio of engine of engine is controlled with closed loop, therefore the exhaust gas emission is low (Euro 3 and Euro 4); And keep engine be more powerful

2. Self-adaptive self-diagnosis and self-learning function, No interference with the OBD system of the vehicle

3. ECU set is suitable for both of LPG & CNG conversions, Optimized Varying Climate Conditions

4. sequential gas injection system working in real time, assures optimum gas into each cylinder

5. cooperation with lots of gas injectors well, adjusts opening time of each injector on the rail, Testing of the injectors enabling to diagnose the faulty injectors

6. Takes signals in Real Time in all operating conditions to obtain optimum opening time of each injector.

a) i.e. gas / water temperatures, manifold depression, rpm, petrol injection.

7. High Reliability & Adaptability and User Friendly

8. Easy Software Installation (Fully Windows Based)-Mapping & Calibration

9. No Need of OMD Emulators

10. Designed for ultra low emission

11. Save to ECU/Load from ECU/Save to File/Load from File is all possible

12. Pressure Sensor: Automatic switch to the gas when the gas is run out

13. No need cutting off the wires thanks to sockets placed inside the injection connectors

14. Diagnostic strategies are in force to enable automatic switching to gasoline mode should the system detect a fault, Auto fault clearance

15. It manages full group motorisations, semi-sequential and sequential slave in one single card.

16. Integrated Powerfully Microprocessors, Water Resistant-Waterproof Aluminums Box

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